About Us

Apnimarket.com proudly providing the facility of Online store without charging you any fee.

You can start your store without any struggle. We will provide you, your Website.

Now forget about about all these worries:

  • Registering IP
  • Configuring Server
  • Renewal of IP
  • Managing Data on Server
  • And Many others

Apnimarket is offering you all these facilities, just join Apnimarket and enjoy all of our services.

Apnimarket is a distinct entity in E-Commerce & want to raise Pakistan’s rank in E-Commerce.

You will enjoy more profit as the customers of other sellers may buy your product too.

Apnimarket members will also have SPP (SwiftPowerPay Services) account.

The members of Apnimarket will enjoy special fee relaxation, if they are using SPP (SwiftPowerPay Services) as payment option.

Through SPP (SwiftPowerPay Services) you can enjoy cheap rates of products, as SPP is providing less fee rates as compare to other online payment entities.

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