1. Search for your desired products on apnimarket.
  2. You can categorize search on apnimarket. Click on category that you want to find your product.
    Categories Menu
  3. E.g. You might be wanting to buy a mobile phone. Click on Mobile Phones.
    Category Page
  4. For more specific search click on the subcategory e.g. Mobile Phone.
    Subcategory Page
  5. Click on the desired item you want to buy. An Item page will be open. This page contains all the information about that product.
    Item Page
  6. Buy items from different sellers from Pakistan and Outside of Pakistan.
  7. See if shipping is available in your city. Try to find sellers that are close to your location. That will result in low shipping price.
  8. Your purchases will reflect in your reviews and ratings.
  9. The more positive ratings and reviews you have will result in smooth transactions. Apnimarket and other Sellers will have more trust in you.
  10. The seller will be added in your contact list, as soon as you have a successful purchase.
  11. Apnimarket will ensure safety of your transaction.
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