1. There are many features for sellers.
  2. When you create your account and you become a member of You can also apply for a seller account.
    1. Apnimarket will review your application
    2. Once approved you will be allowed to sell.
  3. You will have 4 default pages for the store.
    1. Home Page
    2. Product Page
    3. About Us Page
    4. Contact Us Page
  4. Your store address will be http://{user name}
  5. You can also create your own pages.
  6. Your store home page will contain all your items. Other Pages will contain the content that you provide.
  7. You can post your items very easily using a comfortable form.
  8. If you have a large inventory of different products. You can upload a text file containing info aobut multiple items by filling out a template (.xls(Microsoft Excel)) provided to you by Apnimarket.
  9. There are three Levels of Shipping Details.
  10. First Level is that you haven't provided any Shipping Details. Apnimarket will assume that your items that don't have any shipping details have 0 Rs(Included in Price) on Shipping Price.
  11. Second Level is that you can provide your own Default Shipping Settings for your items.
  12. Third Level is that you can provide the Shipping Details for a particular item. You default settings will not affect the shipping details for the single item.
  13. You can choose Payment Options for items as you find convinent.
  14. When an item is sold, Apnimarket deducts some percentage on your total amout of your item (+)plus shipping price.
  15. There are different percentages on different categories. Following are the given percentages on different Categories.
  16. 1
    Books 10 %
    Clothing and Accessories 15 %
    Computers 5 %
    Electronics 5 %
    Furniture 15 %
    Games 5 %
    Home Decor 15 %
    Mobile Phones 4 %
    Music and Video 3 %
    Sports Equipment 15 %
    Vehicles 10 %
    Miscellaneous 20 %
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