Apply For Seller Account
  1. Any one who wants to sell their products can become a seller on ApniMarket by making an application.
  2. Apply for the seller’s account.
  3. Seller Account is granted by invitation only.
  4. Click here to learn how to post an item .
  5. When an account is created, you can list your items to sell.
  6. Items Q & A (Item Questions and Answers/Comments on Item)
    1. This is where you can see questions and comments, of other people, about your item. You can answer them or you can chat with them "Messages" page.
  7. Inventory
    1. This page contains all your items. It shows the basic info of your item.
    2. You can edit an item by click on the title link of your item.
    3. You can delete your items.
    4. You can change the shipping details of your items.
  8. Orders
    1. This page contains the items that have been ordered or sold.
    2. It also shows the status of your item.
    3. If an item is undelivered then seller will have an action button.
    4. When seller ships his item to buyer, then he can click on the button to provide company and delivery ticket number along with other information.
    5. After that status will change into Shipped.
    6. This button will be disabled on seller orders.
    7. Now Buyer can see an interactive button of Shipped. He can click on this button to inform the seller that his/her item have been received successfully or not.
    8. Now status will be changed to Received. This means that transaction has been completed.
    9. After that the button will be hidden on both Seller and Buyer sides.
  9. You can see the status of your items.
  10. You can upload multiple items at once.
  11. You can manage you store.
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