Best Practices

When Listing an item

  1. Provide a descriptive Title for your item.
  2. Provide a competitive price on your items.
  3. Provide quantity that you can provide.
  4. Provide new products or good quality items.
  5. Choose a proper Category and Subcategory for your item otherwise these products will be deleted by Administrator.
  6. Provide specific information about your product depending on your category and subcategory.
  7. Remember the target buyers while typing out the description.
  8. Provide good quality pictures of your item.
  9. Any irrelative pictures will result in your item deletion or blocking of your account at
  10. Read carefully before filling out Advance Information about your item.
  11. Although it not a constraint that you should fill SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) but it highly recommended that you should provide an SKU for your items. SKU will help you organize your products.
  12. UPC(Universal Product Code: It should be written on the box of an item.) is very important in searching of an item. An item provided with UPC will automatically gain more traffic of users than item without UPC.
  13. For Shipping Details only provide those areas, where you can easily ship your item. Learn more about Shipping Details.
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