Account Types

There are three types of accounts.

  1. Personal Account
    1. This is account for new user.
    2. You can search items by categories(e.g. Computers), subcategories(e.g. Laptops), cities(e.g. Laptops in Okara), regions(e.g. Laptops in Lahore)of Pakistan.
    3. You can buy items.
    4. You can ask questions about items.
    5. If you purchased an item. The seller will be in your contact list. You can chat with seller.
    6. Frequently check notification system.
  2. Store Manager Account
    1. If you are a store owner and wants to sell on apnimarket. You can apply for seller account.
    2. See Learn To Sell.
  3. Brand Manager Account
    1. If you are Brand Owner. Apply for the Brand Manager Account.
    2. Brand Owners cannot sell products.
    3. Brand Owners contains information about their products.
    4. They can create Web Pages for their Brand for upcoming brands, Sales, Events etc.
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